Round table on nautical tourism ports in Koper (Slovenia)

11 April , 2018

A round table on nautical tourism ports was held in Koper (Slovenia) on the 11th of April 2018, organised by the Slovenian Maritime Law Association. Dr. Padovan and dr. Skorupan Wolff were invited to deliver a comprehensive presentation of the DELICROMAR project, its development and results and to speak about the proposed changes in the legal framework in Croatia relating to the nautical tourism ports. The event was a result of the implementation of the cooperation agreement between the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Slovenian Maritime Law Association on the DELICROMAR project. It was attended by the members of the Slovenian Maritime Law Association. Following the presentation, the President of the SMLA, Mrs. Margita Selan Voglar who chaired the meeting, opened the floor for a discussion. The attendants commented the results of the project and the proposed amendements to the relevant Croatian legislation as progressive and useful, and they thought that most of the legislative proposals were a good example that could be followed and applied in Slovenia. Mrs. Selan Voglar noted that the SMLA will continue to support the project and participate therein recognising the quality of the project results. The cooperation has also been extended to the trilateral working group on nautical tourism established at the 2nd Adriatic Maritime Law Conference held in Opatija in May 2017, gathering the representatives of the Croatian, Slovenian and Italian maritime law associations.


Presentation by A. V. Padovan and V. Skorupan Wolff: The planned innovations in Croatian legal framework relating to nautical tourism ports - download